Sony NEX-5N

A superb Compact System Camera
Sony NEX-5N

This is an accomplished performer!
If you are looking for a Compact System Camera (CSC) then look no further. If you are fed-up carrying your heavy DSLR and lenses on holiday, the NEX-5N is a great travel camera.
The camera shoots HD video at the push of a button, and also manages terrific stills. The larger than usual sensor, similar to most DSLRs produces incredible images. No I’m not on Sony’s payroll, but who cares! The NEX-5N is worth shouting about!
There are some downsides, the viewfinder is an expensive accessory but a screen hood would overcome the problems of bright sun light, and the 18-55mm lens has a slight roughness in the lens barrel rotation. However, when fitted with the 16mm pancake lens it will easily fit in a pocket. Speaking of pockets, it’s not the cheapest camera but if you are serious about quality it’s worth digging a little deeper.